German military cemetery of Neuville-Saint-VaastGerman military cemetery of Neuville-Saint-Vaast
©Neuville-Saint-Vaast. German military cemetery of the White House|Cituation et Ensemble
Military cemeteriesGermans

German military cemeteries

German military necropolises are complexes in which nature seems to express itself freely among the graves. This very natural atmosphere marked by imposing trees allows us to reconnect with the Germanic mythology in which the warrior found his eternal rest in the forest.

German Necropolis Saint Laurent BlangyGerman Necropolis Saint Laurent Blangy
©German Necropolis Saint Laurent Blangy|Isabelle Pilarowski

"the Versöhnung über den Gräbern

Depending on the location, the graves of soldiers of the Christian faith are marked with a cross of black metal or white or pink sandstone. Between these stand steles marked with the Star of David for fighters of the Jewish faith. Some necropolises also have “Kameradengräbern” , literally “graves of comrades”, where the bodies of mostly unidentified soldiers have been grouped.

The German military cemeteries are maintained by the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfüsrorge (VDK), created by veterans of the Great War and whose main motivation remains “die Versöhnung über den Gräbern”, reconciliation beyond the graves.